The Long Story Short

It all started with a gift. When Markey Hutchinson was expecting her daughter, she received a beautifully packaged pink and white gingham bonnet. She was instantly struck by the sweetness and simplicity of the design. Her daughter wore the bonnet everywhere. It was perfect for holidays, but the true magic of this little bonnet was that it made every day a gift. After receiving countless compliments, Markey was inspired to purchase the heirloom bonnet pattern, and with it, she began crafting her vision for the lifestyle brand.
The Beaufort Bonnet Company was started by an act of friendship—the simple, age-old gesture of one mother sending another mother a gift. Although you could say it was the little bonnet that started it all, in many ways it was the pattern—the tradition of one mother gifting another mother the recipe for embracing babyhood and making it even sweeter.

Markey Hutchinson, Founder & CEO