The Tale of the Beaufort Bonnet

Once upon a time… generations ago in the graceful South Carolina Low-country, a simple yet elegant baby bonnet pattern was cut carefully from plain brown paper.

In the little town of Beaufort, South Carolina, a young mother with her first baby was being showered.  She received the most darling gift, wrapped with a big pink bow. After a chorus of ‘aww’ in unison, one Lowcountry lady exclaimed, "Goodness gracious, that’s the sweetest bonnet I ever did see!”  The excitement gave birth to an idea, and so a short time later, armed with just an heirloom bonnet pattern and a desire to see all babies look their best, the young mother was inspired to begin a baby bonnet business – now known as The Beaufort Bonnet Company.

Years later in Lexington, Kentucky, a second mother had just been blessed with her own daughter, a baby girl named Bellefaire (Betsey) Keene Hutchinson.  She received a package in the mail from an old friend, and inside the package was a sweet note and a pink and white gingham baby bonnet from a boutique in Beaufort, S.C.  For designer Markey Hutchinson it was love at first sight. 

After numerous friends and countless passersby inquired about Betsey’s bonnet, another young mother was inspired, and so she purchased the heirloom bonnet pattern with a vision of crafting an entire line of the highest quality children’s products in timeless styles.

Baby girls will always be synonymous with bows, bloomers and bonnets.  The Beaufort Bonnet is more than just timeless and sweet in design; it’s washable and practical, unarguably the most stylish way to shade precious baby skin.  Little boys will always look dapper in jon jons, bow ties, and bucket hats – ready for any occasion.  Although we live in the 21st century, traditional baby items never go out of style.    

While other items will continue to be added to the product line, to honor the adorable bonnet and its small southern town home, we will always proudly call ourselves The Beaufort Bonnet Company. 

Please join us as this tale unfolds…