Add $125 of cuteness to your buggy and Sir Proper delivers it for free!

Oh these wintry cold days could have gotten us all in a funk if you hadn't filled our inbox with your heart warming photos.  With over 100 entries  and each one unique we are simply smitten with all these faces shining beneath the brims of our bonnets!

These darling pictures will enjoy the luxury of  a 45% off discount code.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="484"]1780695_628260487209300_1306678788_n Wearing our Holiday Beaufort Bonnet in Richmond Red with Worth Ave. White Piping.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1047" align="aligncenter" width="487"]wm85 Loving those cheeks that peek out beneath our Greenbriar Gingham Beaufort Bonnet. [/caption] [caption id="attachment_1049" align="aligncenter" width="497"]wm106 Say hello to happiness with our Hampton's Hot Pink Corduroy Bonnet.[/caption]

This lucky lady and lad will enjoy a 25% discount code.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="498"]WM5 Holiday Beaufort Bonnet in Richmond Red with Worth Ave. White Piping.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1048" align="aligncenter" width="484"]wm90 Lounging in our Barringer Boy Bonnet in Nantucket Navy Corduroy. [/caption]

Of course we can't resist drawing from a lucky bonnet.  Our grand prize winner of the $75 gift certificate is.....

[caption id="attachment_1071" align="aligncenter" width="487"]WM43 Those baby blues are brimmed by Holiday Beaufort Bonnet in Richmond Red with Worth Ave. White Piping.[/caption]

Congratulations to all our winners.  Please contact to receive your prize!

Last week we gave you a list of Valentine's Day gifts for the little love in your life.  Now it's time to pay attention to your main squeeze, your sugar pie, your honey bun.....your husband .  Once again we are here to help.  What's that you say?  You don't know what you'd do without us?  Oh dear, what are friends for?!  Given the fact that men are notoriously hard to shop for we thought we'd make this weeks Fancy that Friday just a tad larger than normal. Fancy That Friday Button BiggerOne-Make him a needlepoint point.  ha!  If you don't happen to have time to make a handmade belt with love, just buy one.  Making a purchase with love is romantic too!  And besides, what preppy gentlemen can resist a needlepoint belt?   14-3113Two- We all know a particular smell that can quickly take us time traveling back to a memory once thought forgotten.  When love is in the air you need a distinct scent to remember it by.  How about trying one of these dizzily delightful scents? -Date night anyone? Tom Ford                                                                                      (Markey's fave)John Varvatos BGC0HX8_mx John_Varvatos_m         Three. - T0 set that date night mood make sure your favorite playlist can be heard loud and clear from these Sonos Compact Speakers, which can stream music directly from your iTunes library.  Sonos-2Four. [caption id="attachment_995" align="aligncenter" width="306"]Photo Courtesy of Photo Courtesy of[/caption] For those times when you can't be around to play hug o'war with that handsome teddy bear of yours, have him try this on for size.....a Barbour Down Filled Vest ; the next best thing to a bear hug. 3C3RHH1black Five. - Let him know how lucky he is to have you... err, I mean, how lucky you feel to have  him.   If lucky in love is how you feel why not let the world know it!?  Tie this on for size. bowties_box1-2_smll__-_82Who doesn't love a man looking all debonair?  This preppy pink Peter Blair  four leaf clover bow tie is sure to do the trick. Six. -You love it when he looks at you, but heaven forbid he fumble those Wayfarers on the pavement while checking you out!  Next time make sure he's prepared to stare with a pair of Seersucker Generation 2.0 Croakies.  (Be sure to check out the Country Club Prep website for a wide array of colors and styles.) cs_red_seerSeven. - Next time he heads to the gym to keep that handsome physique in check, make sure he's able to take care of his heart with a Nike Fuel Bandtop-10-valentine-gifts-for-you_1389803036Eight. - We have to agree whole heartedly with #1 for this article on The Top Five Reasons Why Men Should Wear Cufflinks 1. Women Cannot Resist a Man in Cufflinks!  I bet you have never heard a woman actually talk about it but it is true. The Ladies “dig” cufflinks because they know a man who wears them has got class. Ben Silver 14K Gold Monogram Cufflinks mbl-cl_TOh and just in case you don't think he has understood the hints you've been dropping to him lately.  Simply send him our Polyvore link below to show him what you're really wanting this Valentine's Day.

Divine Gifts for Her.

bg-1-279224 We have a big crush on small town charm.  Feast your eyes on gorgeous little Sew Unique a Monogramming and Gift Boutique, in Fairhope, Alabama 0_0_0_0_334_250_csupload_28464171 Sew Unique is a monogramming and gift boutique in downtown Fairhope.  They have gifts for every reason and season and a great selection of traditional children's clothes from infant to 6x.  They also do onsite monogramming. 1538944_10152545432673079_1981160266_nphoto 2Hello can we say match made in heaven!?  As owner Holly Thomas so elegantly put it this is precisely the type of partnership we love to have with our stores!  "So, you can see why I was so drawn to TBBC's modern update on timeless classics.   It's the niche we've tried to carve for sew unique and is the perfect fit with our other merchandise!" [caption id="attachment_1037" align="aligncenter" width="318"]photo 4 Look at how well they styled our Sawyer Sun Hat!!! This outfit is yacht ready![/caption]

photo 5Holly really made us blush when she said, "Sew Unique cannot get enough of T.B.B.C.!!  It makes work so fun when you are selling items you LOVE and I truly feel blessed to carry the line!!" Well Holly,  we 'LOVE YOU MORE' (wink)!  TBBC couldn't be happier with your creative displays; we're very grateful for your support.

1011229_10152566826228079_454808464_nFairhope is a small town in southern Alabama and is known for its 1/2 a city block of upscale boutiques.  (Can we say, yes please!?) A great upcoming event in the area is the annual Arts and Crafts Festival.  Always held on the third weekend in March, vendors line the streets and set up booths to sell their best works. It's an amazing festival and brings in crowds of up to 300,000 to the area.

For more information on this great boutique check out their  Facebook//Sew Unique Website 314C De La Mare Ave. Fairhope, AL36532 251-928-0220


We hope you know that we love our customers and appreciate all of your business.  As we move into a new year we hope to offer you the best shopping experience possible.  We would be ever so grateful to hear from you.  So if you could be a dear and fill out this quick survey we'd be happier than a baby in a bonnet.  (click on the picture to be redirected to the survey)

baby_with_bonnet_in_hatbox_refrigerator_magnets-r08c1e8f27657478c838fc87138b6305c_x7j3u_8byvr_512(pic source)


TBBCWMNothing gives us more thrills and chills than seeing how you style your darling children in Beaufort Bonnet Company apparel.  Since the launch of our Wintry Mix contest on Facebook we have been swooning daily as your precious pictures fill our inbox!  We want to see all your sassy snow bunnies and stunning sweethearts in their T.B.B.C. attire.

[caption id="attachment_930" align="aligncenter" width="466"]wm28 Amy Hobbs was last years Wintry Mix contest winner! Thanks for playing again![/caption]

To enter simply submit your pictures to: with Subj. Line: Wintry Mix.

Social-Media-Button-FacebookTo be officially entered into the contest you must LIKE & SHARE your photo when we post it into our Wintery Mix album. One lucky winner will receive a $75 gift card. We will be handpicking our top 5 favorites from all our submissions, and one grand prize winner will be drawn from a Bonnet February 15th.  Who wouldn't want to win with spring just around the corner; we know you are just as anxious as we are to break out the seersucker!


We can't wait to see more of your little darlings!

MWAH!!!! -T.B.B.C.

Tweet for Treats

January 21, 2014


twitterbutton1With summer only 151 days away, we're hosting a fabulous giveaway!

We couldn't decide what ya'll might prefer so to your opinions we defer.

This time you must Tweet to win, so follow us on Twitter; let the games begin!


Here's how to play!

1. Follow The Beaufort Bonnet Company on Twitter.

2. Let us know which gift you would rather win:

  • Re Tweet this post to vote  $100 T.B.B.C. gift certificate.Gift_Certificate
  • Favorite this Tweet to vote a monogrammed Mommy and Me Beach Towel set ($134 value).  Bishop Beach towel (for children) and Bonnie Beach towels The Bonnie Beach Towel; designed to tie to your lounge chair; you'll no longer have to keep adjusting your towel.  The bows are functional as well as cute!
We will be giving away one of each if we hit 100 Re tweets or Favorites on Twitter! twitterbutton1Happy Tweeting!!!!! MWAH!!!!! - T.B.B.C.  

Baby, be mine.

January 17, 2014


Most mommies will tell you they never knew how much they could love until they became a mother.  It's like cupid drew back his bow on your baby's birthday and your heart has never been the same.  We searched high and low to find the perfect gifts to express your love this Valentine's Day.   ValentineHere are the top Fancy that Friday picks that really buttered our biscuits.  Aren't you glad we're friends!?!? Fancy That Friday Button Bigger(1)What could be sweeter than a musical serenade from your favorite little Valentine?  Give them what they need to sing you a love song; with the Wolfgang Amadeus Jr. Piano or this Schoenhut Pink String Acoustic Guitar you can't possibly go wrong.  (that is as long as you buy yourself a pair of earplugs.) a1To keep your sweethearts little piggies looking their Valentine's best why not try on these for size? For the cold weathered darlings we find the Unisex Red Wellies by Joules or a perfect pink pair of Hunter Rain Boots simply divine.  For those of you lucky enough to sport little piggies in warm sunshine, you might find Hoy Shoe 'Surfer' Sandal in Red (saltwater sandals) or a vibrant pink girls Jack Rogers Sandals  more suitable. a2Nothing tells your skin I love you like cashmere; so  to keep your little ones paws warm this February 14th try slipping on these Portalano Cashmere Heart's Mittens or J.Crew's Navy and Red Striped Cashmere Mittens. a3Of course, who wouldn't want to spend Valentine's Day getting sun kissed?  Make sure your bonnet wearing beach babes are dressed in style with Florence Eiseman's Heart One Piece or  Funtastia Too Red Seersucker Trunks with Crab Applique. {picture via. Best Dressed Child}. pinkswimsuit bestdressedchild_2269_78854143           For a gift that evokes nostalgia and joy deep in our hearts we just can't resist the classics.  Music makes memories forever, and your little loves will likely have the tune of these toys engrained in their memories for a lifetime.  Reed & Barton Ballerina Music Box and Land of Nod: Monkey in the Box jack-the-monkey-in-the-box NMZ126K_mx             We know you are on top of having that perfect T.B.B.C. Valentine's day outfit for your child; but just in case you need something for that second wardrobe change of the evening we want to let you know, we've got you covered. a4Valentine BonnetAll of this and more, available at a Beaufort Bonnet Company retailer near you or by shopping our website.

MWAH!!!! -T.B.B.C.

photo 1

When we spotted Nathaniel Paul Richmond in our Nantucket Navy Corduroy Jack Keene Jon Jon we all agreed, we were staring at style.  Dashing & debonair- no doubt!


We love how his stylist personalized his Jack Keene Jon Jon with Keeneland Khaki thread- such a classic and gentleman- like combination.  And his hat and knee socks are the definition of dapper!   But before we get too carried away, everyone knows it’s always the person in the clothes who ultimately communicates style.  With his happy spirit, adorable hair, and precious little face, we had to give Mr. Richmond a call and discover the man behind the Jon Jon.  Here’s what we learned:

 If you were to search my desk; my sophisticated baby stationary would certainly be adorned with the monogram nRp. 


 People who know me well call me: Nano


My greatest accomplishment to date is:

Climbing on top of my rocking chair to steal a paci from my crib. (Don't worry Mom, my balancing skills are really advanced.)


If you looked under my bed you might find: 

My paci stash. My mom is convinced I have several hiding spots. What's a fella to do when his mom designates bedtime as the only paci appropriate time of day?


 The best thing about Christmas was: 

My new ambulance just like my dad works on!! I also enjoyed taking all the ornaments off the tree.


 My favorite thing to pull out of my mommy's closet is:

  Her slippers; they're pretty comfy.


 Currently on my bedroom floor is: 

Blankies. I thought I should empty my blanket drawer while mom was doing laundry.


 Mommy has used me as an excuse to buy: 

I'm pretty sure she uses me as an excuse to buy everything; I obviously need a lot.


 My most memorable mess was:

The first time I figured out where the Tupperware was.  Boy was that super fun! Especially for mom; she seemed pretty excited to stack it all back together.


 I really get excited when:

 My Mimi or YaYa give me things my mom doesn't let me have! Ice cream and cookies apparently don't exist at my house.


 I would describe my style as:

 Sweet, southern, and preppy! My mom always tells people she likes to dress babies as babies.

I wear a lot of bubbles, smocks and monograms just like my Nantucket Navy Jack Keene Jon Jon. !photo 2Well Nathaniel, it was certainly our pleasure getting to know you. MWAH!!!!! - T.B.B.C.

Fancy That Friday Button Bigger(1)

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and on this holiday dedicated to love;  we just had to talk about two of the things we Love the  most.......Books and Beaufort Bonnet fashion!!!  5d4070f4b25e146cfb189acb016baf43one.plant a kissPlant a Kiss is a clever and darling little read.  With it's rhyming story, charismatic characters and sparkles......we're pretty sure you'll fall head over heels for this story. Of course who wouldn't want to plant a kiss on a baby wrapped in our Richmond Red Sweet Bow Swaddle?!!!Beaufort-106 two. dayitrainedheartsThe Day it Rained Hearts is a whimsical little Valentine's day tale that will shower you with delight.  Little Cornelia Augusta finds the perfect friends to send the hearts she catches from the sky.  (with a name like that we're pretty sure she's from the south) The only way we could love this book more would be to see sweet little Cornelia sporting a Valentine's Day Beaufort Bonnet instead of her yellow rain hat. Beaufort-1three.

Cat Dog

This cute story is more about making a friend than falling in love- but that's close enough- right?  Everywhere they go, the dog bullies the cat and the cat teases the dog. The dog and cat's personalities combined with dialogue offer a fun explanation for why cats and dogs chase each other. Finally, they bond over digging up bones and a true friendship is born. Does your home have a similar story of it's own? (You know, the cat and dog children currently running across your white rug throwing juice at eachother?)  If so, an illustrator would probably draw your little Valentines in a Richmond Red Corduroy Juliet Jumper  and a Richmond Red Corduroy Jack Keene Jon Jon.

IMG_9421-Edit IMG_9446-Edit


5127MC4GS7LOh Silly Tilly lives up to her name in this story when she has a feeling today is a special day but forgets why.  See what clues help her discover that it's actually Valentine's Day!  This series is great for your preschool age children who will giggle and grin as this amusing story unfolds.

I'm sure Silly Tilly would have felt a bit better about her day if she had been wrapped in a monogrammed pink Queen of Cashmere Crew Neck Cardigan.  Yes she would have been toasty warm while out in the cold snow and been stylish to boot!


five. the-valentine-bears-imageThe Valentine's Bears.  You really can't get more classic than Eve Bunting and Jan Brett when it comes to children's literature.  Poor Mr. and Mrs. Bear always miss Valentine's Day as they hibernate the winter away in their cave.  This year Mrs. Bear has a special surprise up her fur!  Detailed black and white pictures show wonderful winter scenes with pops of red color bouncing off the pages to give you a true Valentine's Day feel.  The story is a bit text heavy for younger readers but it's illustrations lend to a wonderful picture walk as well!

Of course, if it were up to us we may have had the loving bears decked out in something a little more special for their first Valentine's Day.  Like a Worth Ave. White Beaufort Bucket for Mr. Bear; and a Plantation Pink Corduroy Beaufort Bonnet for Mrs. Bear.  Both monogrammed in red of course!

BBC (3 of 18)BBC (4 of 64)

I know that's five but.... one more little suggestion... because Olive you!

olive-you-other-valentine-knock-jokes-youll-katy-hall-paperback-cover-artOlive You will give everyone in the family a loving laugh this Valentine's Day.  Children's funny bones will be tickled pink as you read through this lift the flap knock knock book.  Lighthearted and loving, these short words of laughter will make them smile for years to come.

We can just hear you funny mommies asking your children now:

Knock knock

Who's there?Valentine Bonnet


Arthur Who?

Arthur any chocolates left for me?

While we're on the subject of being tickled pink; who wouldn't be with their baby girl set for Valentine's in our Valentine Beverly Bow Bloomers!!!??

beverly bow bloomers


xoxo, The Beaufort Bonnet Company

Knock Knock Who's there? Arthur Arthur who? Arthur any chocolates left for me? Read more at
Knock Knock Who's there? Arthur Arthur who? Arthur any chocolates left for me? Read more at

If you have ever been to Savannah, GA you know that posh shopping in quaint little stores is what they do best.  The Beaufort Bonnet Company is delighted to have SaraJane Children's Boutique carrying our line in their little polka dot shop.  sjtbbc-2You can currently find Sara Jane displaying The Beaufort Bonnet Company style in Kennedy Caps, Plantation Pink Beaufort BonnetsWorth Ave. White Bonnets, Lauderdale Lavender Seersucker Bonnet, Sawyer Sun Hat, and a Bloomer Set in Boca Grande Begonia.  Of course what is a southern baby without southern style?  Sara Jane Children's Boutique can help you achieve the perfect look for your precious little one.  collagetbbc1Of course you wouldn't be caught dead buying something in Savannah you couldn't monogram.  Sara Jane can help you avoid this tragic mistake.  How adorable is this  Lexington Lime Lainey monogram on our Pink Savannah Seersucker Bonnet.  ?!72906_578043378873327_587492217_n

 601195_570336099644055_240194744_n   Connect with them at their fabulous shop located at:

202 East 37th Street, Savannah, Ga. 31401