Add $125 of cuteness to your buggy and Sir Proper delivers it for free!

Dalton Diaper Cover
Buckhead Blue

Cover that darling little derriere with a Dalton Diaper Cover;  the distinguished way of wearing a diaper.


Embroider (adds $15)Sewing Machine

Personalize your Dalton Diaper Cover - Buckhead Blue
*Note that embroidery might add 5-10 business days to delivery time
***Please complete the entire form below. If there is only one option for the embroidery location, please be sure to click that option.***
If applicable, option to input embroidery text will appear here once you select a font style
Note that on three letter monograms, the last name initial will appear larger in the middle (excluding 18. Elliott). For Carlisle and Emmaline fonts, your color selection will only apply to the letters; the flowers or frame will remain as displayed.
First Name Initial:
Middle Name Initial:
Last Name Initial:
Child's Full Name:

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