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Bettye Bloomer Set

Plantation Pink Dixie Dot

Bettye Bloomer Set

Plantation Pink Dixie Dot

This little set was made famous after being featured in US Weekly Magazine.  The Bettye Bloomer Set was photographed on Penelope Discik (Kourtney Kardashian dressed her little doll in this bloomer set for a play date back in 2013).  It doesn't matter whether your little sunshine prefers California or the Carolinas, this classic cuteness will never go out of style.  

Best seen with our Sun-San Sea Wees or Sun-San Surfers

Sizing chart

Please note that this sizing chart is just a guide and some items may run  larger or small. This will typically be noted in the product description.



Size Age Circumference (in) Crown to base of ear (in)
XS 0-3m 13.5-16.5  5-6
S 3-9m 16.5-17.5 6-6.5
M 9-24m 17.5-18.5 6.5-6.75
L 18m-2T 18.5-19.5


XL 3T-4T 19.5-21



Size Height (in) Waist (in) Inseam (in)
0-3 Up to 24 17.5 6-7
0-6 Up to 27 18.5 8
6-12 25-29 19 9.25
12-18 29-31 19.5-20.25 10.5
18-24 31-34.5 20-21 11.75
2T 34.5-36 21 12.5
3T 36-38.5 21.5 14.25
4T 38.5-42 22 16