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He loves me, He loves me not.

Last week we gave you a list of Valentine's Day gifts for the little love in your life.  Now it's time to pay attention to your main squeeze, your sugar pie, your honey bun.....your husband .  Once again we are here to help.  What's that you say?  You don't know what you'd do without us?  Oh dear, what are friends for?!  Given the fact that men are notoriously hard to shop for we thought we'd make this weeks Fancy that Friday just a tad larger than normal. Fancy That Friday Button BiggerOne-Make him a needlepoint point.  ha!  If you don't happen to have time to make a handmade belt with love, just buy one.  Making a purchase with love is romantic too!  And besides, what preppy gentlemen can resist a needlepoint belt?   14-3113Two- We all know a particular smell that can quickly take us time traveling back to a memory once thought forgotten.  When love is in the air you need a distinct scent to remember it by.  How about trying one of these dizzily delightful scents? -Date night anyone? Tom Ford                                                                                      (Markey's fave)John Varvatos BGC0HX8_mx John_Varvatos_m         Three. - T0 set that date night mood make sure your favorite playlist can be heard loud and clear from these Sonos Compact Speakers, which can stream music directly from your iTunes library.  Sonos-2Four. [caption id="attachment_995" align="aligncenter" width="306"]Photo Courtesy of Photo Courtesy of[/caption] For those times when you can't be around to play hug o'war with that handsome teddy bear of yours, have him try this on for size.....a Barbour Down Filled Vest ; the next best thing to a bear hug. 3C3RHH1black Five. - Let him know how lucky he is to have you... err, I mean, how lucky you feel to have  him.   If lucky in love is how you feel why not let the world know it!?  Tie this on for size. bowties_box1-2_smll__-_82Who doesn't love a man looking all debonair?  This preppy pink Peter Blair  four leaf clover bow tie is sure to do the trick. Six. -You love it when he looks at you, but heaven forbid he fumble those Wayfarers on the pavement while checking you out!  Next time make sure he's prepared to stare with a pair of Seersucker Generation 2.0 Croakies.  (Be sure to check out the Country Club Prep website for a wide array of colors and styles.) cs_red_seerSeven. - Next time he heads to the gym to keep that handsome physique in check, make sure he's able to take care of his heart with a Nike Fuel Bandtop-10-valentine-gifts-for-you_1389803036Eight. - We have to agree whole heartedly with #1 for this article on The Top Five Reasons Why Men Should Wear Cufflinks 1. Women Cannot Resist a Man in Cufflinks!  I bet you have never heard a woman actually talk about it but it is true. The Ladies “dig” cufflinks because they know a man who wears them has got class. Ben Silver 14K Gold Monogram Cufflinks mbl-cl_TOh and just in case you don't think he has understood the hints you've been dropping to him lately.  Simply send him our Polyvore link below to show him what you're really wanting this Valentine's Day.

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