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TBBC Style Statement // Nathaniel Paul Richmond

photo 1

When we spotted Nathaniel Paul Richmond in our Nantucket Navy Corduroy Jack Keene Jon Jon we all agreed, we were staring at style.  Dashing & debonair- no doubt!


We love how his stylist personalized his Jack Keene Jon Jon with Keeneland Khaki thread- such a classic and gentleman- like combination.  And his hat and knee socks are the definition of dapper!   But before we get too carried away, everyone knows it’s always the person in the clothes who ultimately communicates style.  With his happy spirit, adorable hair, and precious little face, we had to give Mr. Richmond a call and discover the man behind the Jon Jon.  Here’s what we learned:

 If you were to search my desk; my sophisticated baby stationary would certainly be adorned with the monogram nRp. 


 People who know me well call me: Nano


My greatest accomplishment to date is:

Climbing on top of my rocking chair to steal a paci from my crib. (Don't worry Mom, my balancing skills are really advanced.)


If you looked under my bed you might find: 

My paci stash. My mom is convinced I have several hiding spots. What's a fella to do when his mom designates bedtime as the only paci appropriate time of day?


 The best thing about Christmas was: 

My new ambulance just like my dad works on!! I also enjoyed taking all the ornaments off the tree.


 My favorite thing to pull out of my mommy's closet is:

  Her slippers; they're pretty comfy.


 Currently on my bedroom floor is: 

Blankies. I thought I should empty my blanket drawer while mom was doing laundry.


 Mommy has used me as an excuse to buy: 

I'm pretty sure she uses me as an excuse to buy everything; I obviously need a lot.


 My most memorable mess was:

The first time I figured out where the Tupperware was.  Boy was that super fun! Especially for mom; she seemed pretty excited to stack it all back together.


 I really get excited when:

 My Mimi or YaYa give me things my mom doesn't let me have! Ice cream and cookies apparently don't exist at my house.


 I would describe my style as:

 Sweet, southern, and preppy! My mom always tells people she likes to dress babies as babies.

I wear a lot of bubbles, smocks and monograms just like my Nantucket Navy Jack Keene Jon Jon. !photo 2Well Nathaniel, it was certainly our pleasure getting to know you. MWAH!!!!! - T.B.B.C.

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