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Fancy That Friday - Our hearts are an open book!

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and on this holiday dedicated to love;  we just had to talk about two of the things we Love the  most.......Books and Beaufort Bonnet fashion!!!  5d4070f4b25e146cfb189acb016baf43one.plant a kissPlant a Kiss is a clever and darling little read.  With it's rhyming story, charismatic characters and sparkles......we're pretty sure you'll fall head over heels for this story. Of course who wouldn't want to plant a kiss on a baby wrapped in our Richmond Red Sweet Bow Swaddle?!!!Beaufort-106 two. dayitrainedheartsThe Day it Rained Hearts is a whimsical little Valentine's day tale that will shower you with delight.  Little Cornelia Augusta finds the perfect friends to send the hearts she catches from the sky.  (with a name like that we're pretty sure she's from the south) The only way we could love this book more would be to see sweet little Cornelia sporting a Valentine's Day Beaufort Bonnet instead of her yellow rain hat. Beaufort-1three.

Cat Dog

This cute story is more about making a friend than falling in love- but that's close enough- right?  Everywhere they go, the dog bullies the cat and the cat teases the dog. The dog and cat's personalities combined with dialogue offer a fun explanation for why cats and dogs chase each other. Finally, they bond over digging up bones and a true friendship is born. Does your home have a similar story of it's own? (You know, the cat and dog children currently running across your white rug throwing juice at eachother?)  If so, an illustrator would probably draw your little Valentines in a Richmond Red Corduroy Juliet Jumper  and a Richmond Red Corduroy Jack Keene Jon Jon.

IMG_9421-Edit IMG_9446-Edit


5127MC4GS7LOh Silly Tilly lives up to her name in this story when she has a feeling today is a special day but forgets why.  See what clues help her discover that it's actually Valentine's Day!  This series is great for your preschool age children who will giggle and grin as this amusing story unfolds.

I'm sure Silly Tilly would have felt a bit better about her day if she had been wrapped in a monogrammed pink Queen of Cashmere Crew Neck Cardigan.  Yes she would have been toasty warm while out in the cold snow and been stylish to boot!


five. the-valentine-bears-imageThe Valentine's Bears.  You really can't get more classic than Eve Bunting and Jan Brett when it comes to children's literature.  Poor Mr. and Mrs. Bear always miss Valentine's Day as they hibernate the winter away in their cave.  This year Mrs. Bear has a special surprise up her fur!  Detailed black and white pictures show wonderful winter scenes with pops of red color bouncing off the pages to give you a true Valentine's Day feel.  The story is a bit text heavy for younger readers but it's illustrations lend to a wonderful picture walk as well!

Of course, if it were up to us we may have had the loving bears decked out in something a little more special for their first Valentine's Day.  Like a Worth Ave. White Beaufort Bucket for Mr. Bear; and a Plantation Pink Corduroy Beaufort Bonnet for Mrs. Bear.  Both monogrammed in red of course!

BBC (3 of 18)BBC (4 of 64)

I know that's five but.... one more little suggestion... because Olive you!

olive-you-other-valentine-knock-jokes-youll-katy-hall-paperback-cover-artOlive You will give everyone in the family a loving laugh this Valentine's Day.  Children's funny bones will be tickled pink as you read through this lift the flap knock knock book.  Lighthearted and loving, these short words of laughter will make them smile for years to come.

We can just hear you funny mommies asking your children now:

Knock knock

Who's there?Valentine Bonnet


Arthur Who?

Arthur any chocolates left for me?

While we're on the subject of being tickled pink; who wouldn't be with their baby girl set for Valentine's in our Valentine Beverly Bow Bloomers!!!??

beverly bow bloomers


xoxo, The Beaufort Bonnet Company

Knock Knock Who's there? Arthur Arthur who? Arthur any chocolates left for me? Read more at
Knock Knock Who's there? Arthur Arthur who? Arthur any chocolates left for me? Read more at

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