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October 23, 2015

We know you have been waiting so patiently for our famous Beaufort Bonnet Bubbly recipe we have been raving about- well, the time has come for us to reveal our secret company recipe! We must say, this recipe is a great beverage to have at any event, at any time of the day! We just know you’ll be tickled pink once you try it! It took us a few spills, a couple big pours, and a lot of laughs but T.B.B.C. has taste tested this beverage and it is T.B.B.C. APPROVED. The Beaufort Bonnet Bubbly is not just a great drink to have after a hard day at work, but it is great for so many events: -T.B.B.C. Trunk Shows -Birthday Parties for your little bonnet baby (or even bonnet mommy;)) -Beaufort Bonnet Baby Showers - Beaufort Bonnet Gender Reveal Soiree - A Night in with the girls -Holiday Parties We know you will love this bubby as much as we do! We must warn you though- The consumption of this Bonnet Bubbly may cause more Bonnet Babies! ;)