Uh oh, your buggy is empty. It looks like it's time to get shopping!

Friday Feature: Host a Trunk Show

June 05, 2013

EETBBC Did you know that The Beaufort Bonnet Company offers trunk shows? Hostesses can earn $$ towards TBBC merchandise! Well, if you didn't, now you do! Before we give you any details about our amazing trunk shows; let’s meet the lady in charge, Elizabeth Edwards- Director of Public Relations and Events. Q: Tell us a little about yourself! "I’m from Lexington, Kentucky. I’m 29. I went to the University of Kentucky and after graduation starting working in event planning. That’s where I met Rob, my amazing husband! We’ve been married 3 ½ years, and we have an amazing one year old son named Lock." Q: Love the name Lock! Is it a family name? "Yes, his full name is Robert Blaylock Edwards. Robert is my husband’s name and Blaylock is my mom’s maiden name. I think I had the name planned by our second date!" Q: What’s in your diaper bag? "Oh gosh, what isn’t?? Diapers, wipes, changing pad, toys, bib, Puffs, Mum Mums, organic squeeze pouches, more toys, more diapers, and a change of clothes. And maybe a travel size bottle of wine? Only kidding!" Q: What’s your “style”? "Does a new mom even have a style?! Yoga pants and cottons shirts are the new trend (or at least that's what I tell my husband). I do love getting all dolled up, but I’ve always loved a great pair of jeans. My new years resolution this year was to wear more nail polish and lipstick." Q: What’s your favorite TBBC item? "When I dream about having a little girl, I picture the darling in a Susy Swing Top in the Boca Grande Begonia fabric. But in reality I love Lock in a blue seersucker Jon Jon with his initials monogrammed. Classic." Q: When did you start working for The Beaufort Bonnet Company? "Markey (the owner of TBBC) and I went to high school together. Last Fall when I saw that she had started The Beaufort Bonnet Company I immediately sent her a message saying that if she was ever looking for more help I would LOVE to talk to her. A few conversations and a couple of meetings later I was welcomed to the team!" There you have it! You have been introduced to our wonderful team member Elizabeth! Now here is some information about hosting a TBBC Trunk Show… Q. So, can you tell us about hosting a TBBC trunk show, and what that entails? "Hosting a trunk show not only gives a hostesses the opportunity to introduce The Beaufort Bonnet Company to their city or town (if it hasn’t been already), but also gives them a little free shopping too! I developed an incentive program so that hostesses can earn money towards the products. They will also have access to private sales and promo codes throughout the year. Hosting a show is super easy and rewarding. Who doesn’t love free shopping for their kiddos?!"