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Baby To Bride Handkerchief Bonnet - Worth Avenue White with Plantation Pink and Buckhead Blue

The Baby to Bride Handkerchief Bonnet
It’s a darling dainty hanky,
Sewn into a bonnet, you see.
Ribbons and buttons and a bow
embroidered so delicately.
A small square of linen
handmade with love and grace,
transformed into a bonnet,
To frame your baby’s face.
She’ll wear it for newborn pictures
Or on a special day.
Then wash it and press it
And neatly tuck it away.
When her Wedding Day approaches,
She’ll search around I’m told,
To find a special item
Of long ago and old.
When she remembers her dear bonnet
A blushing bride she’ll be.
She’ll snip the bonnet’s fine threads, and
The hankey becomes a new memory.
by Markey Hutchinson

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